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Life Experience

I've lived many lives...through fandom.

Jen Jen
28 April 1988
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Hope and Faith bring LOVE back.

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About me:
My name is Jen. My nickname is Jen Jen. I live in New Hampshire. When I'm not taking care of my son I'm on the computer making icons, videos or fanfics. I've got a terribly addictive personality and I've extremely enthusiastic about my shows. I also seem to have an affinity for tragic romances.

Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, William Fitchner, Jensen Ackles, Denzel Washington, David Boreanez, and Robert Pattinson.

Sarah Wayne Callies, Eliza Dushku, Kristin Kreuk, Evangeline Lilly, Milla Jovovich, Olivia Wilde, Mariska Hargitay, and Kristen Stewart.

The Fifth Element, Rent, The Human Stain, Labyrinth, The Celestine Prophecy, Where The Heart Is, Superman, V for Vendetta, Twilight, and too many more to name.

Tv Shows:
Prison Break, Smallville, Law and Order: Svu, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Supernatural, House, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and Battlestar Galactica. Old shows were Xena, Roswell, Buffy, Tarzan, and X-Files.

Michael & Sara (MiSa), Clark & Lana (Clana), Jack & Kate (Jate), Stabler & Benson, and Boothe & Bones, Mulder & Scully (Mully), Edward & Bella (Twilight).

Oasis, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Sixx: A.M., Poe, Imogen Heap, Frou Frou, Nickelback, Daughtry, Lifehouse and again too many more to name.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Ghandi

"Maybe it's fate. A mistake we have to make." ~ Human (MiSa).

"Crazy people can be very persuasive...Well yes I know that." ~ Mulder & Scully

"I try to see the good in life, but good things in life are hard to find." ~ It's Not Over by Daughtry.

"Action is the enemy of thought." ~ The Human Stain

"Well I'll say it again. Demons I get. People are ccrrazy." ~ Dean Winchester.

""Maybe we should just get you a black jacket and we can tell everybody you're a lesbian." ~ ER

"Did you go to school to get that stupid?" ~ The Black Donnelly's.

Please comment and credit with any icons you use.

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